The Cuckoo Restaurant is back in the family and we are creating the best gourmet buffet you have ever seen. 60 years of history and the best is yet to come.

  • Cuckoo Culture

    The name says it all - a little mad, magical and brilliantly bizarre! A unique party venue, the Cuckoo brings people together to share the best celebrations in life. You name it, we can cater for it!

  • Cuckoo Entertains

    The quirky Bavarian Floor Show is a must see for Aussies and curious visitors from all over the globe. Yodel, schunkel, ring the cow bells or even slap dance - always something different!

  • Cuckoo Curiosities

    Staff offer friendly service in traditional costume and are part of the wunderbar atmosphere created by wood carvings, cuckoo clocks, and curiosities from yesteryear. See if you can find the swordfish ‘sword’! Boasting the largest free standing operational cuckoo clock in the world the tics won’t toc as the weights would knock you out!

  • Cuckoo Cuisine

    The blistering buffet fills every appetite: with soup, entrée, main buffet and indulgent desserts. Yum! Or try High Tea on weekends or a mid-week Devonshire Tea or Coffee & Cake.



6.30pm TILL LATE (BUFFET ENDS AT 9.00pm)



A humble start, Quamby Cafe 1914.

Attracting visitors from far and wide, 1922.

Situated in the Dandenong Ranges, The Cuckoo Restaurant is today one of the world’s most renowned smorgasbord restaurants receiving visitors from all over the globe.


It is hard to believe that this buzzing 400 seat family restaurant started out as a modest refreshment stop for travellers. Called the Quamby and built in 1914, the café operated for 44 years and is remembered fondly for its fresh strawberries and cream sold at just 6d. per dish.


The Cuckoo Name


In 1958 the Quamby was sold to Willi and Karin Koeppen. Shortly after they moved in, Karin heard the sound of a cuckoo calling in the darkness. She woke her husband and said “We will call the café The Cuckoo”. What Karin did not realise at the time is that the word “cuckoo” can also mean a bit crazy. Although she had some reservations about this in the early days, the quirky and highly amusing Bavarian style floorshow has warmed hearts from all over the world in the unique “Cuckoo” way.

Cuckoo Restaurant in the 1960’s.

Cuckoo Restaurant circa 1970.

Introducing the Smorgasbord

The smorgasbord style restaurants were very popular in Germany in the 1950’s. German born Willi, who grew up in Germany as a chef created the first smorgasbord restaurant in Australia.

With 3 hot and cold buffets, The Cuckoo offers a European gourmet feast comparing to none. Pancakes made fresh every day with warm apple strudel, black forest and ice cream are hard to resist.

The family has worked hard since the beginning to build the Cuckoo into what it is today, one of Australia’s most iconic and successful restaurants, with 400 seats in three separate dining areas – a place for all to enjoy.

Australia’s First Celebrity Chef

Willi Koeppen was a pioneer in bringing food to television well before anyone had heard of MasterChef.  At the time Executive Chef at Melbourne’s Chevron Hotel, his first foray into the media world was with radio station 3XY, where he hosted a popular German show.

In 1957, Koeppen hosted what was Australia’s first TV cooking program, The Chef Presents.  The five-minute program, expanding to a 15 minute slot by 1959 at Melbourne’s HSV7, screened every Monday night leading into the evening news bulletin.